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The Brand was born from an intuition of the stylist Paolo Petrone, who in 1992 established a luxury ready-to-wear clothing company to guarantee a unique service to wholesalers: a high quality product able to breathe new life into the seasonal collection making it more captivating. From his side Petrone, with a strong passion for fashion and a respectable level of experience as buyer for luxury fashion companies, has been investigating the real needs of retail resulting in a necessity of creating a high quality just-in-time collection, made of dressy items and strong personality.


SAR 1,610.00
Lace embroidered floral top with back bow
SAR 1,265.00
Elastic band pleated front cotton culottes
SAR 2,645.00
Sequinned oversized jacket
SAR 1,265.00
Cropped jeans with sequin stripe and raw edge
SAR 1,150.00
T-shirt with long lace bottom
SAR 920.00
Boat-neck sequinned shoulder top
SAR 920.00
Sequinned V-neck top with feather trim